Windows: File Helpers

Data Security: Tools

 By Chris Ghana
Windows: File Helpers
Windows: File HelpersThis is a handy tool list for your Windows computer if you run into troubles with file and data security issues. It includes 4 sections: encrypt files, restore file or data, wipe each bit, and monitor file updating.

1. Encrypt Files
AxCrypt Free & Premium
The history of AxCrypt started in 2001 when Svante needed to share confidential data over the Internet and failed to find existing data security solutions for Internet services that were both simple and easy to use for everyone. It was then that he...
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Cryptainer PE
Secure your data and ensure absolute privacy with Cypherix™'s powerful encryption software, Cryptainer PE. It's powerful 448-bit encryption, creates multiple 32000 MB (32 GB) encrypted containers (drives) on your hard disk. Each encrypted drive can be...
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Steganos Safe 20
Steganos Safe creates secure encrypted storage for your sensitive files. It's very easy to use, and it offers some unique options for maintaining privacy and secrecy.

The clearly structured new user interface ensures that this highly professional security software package is intuitive and very easy to use.

Data protection made in Germany – with the click of a...
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Folder Lock
Conveniently, any protection on files or folders remains active, even if the protected items are transferred from one PC to another.

Encrypted lockers protect files and folders. Secure online backup. Can lock files and folders, making them invisible. File shredding. Free space shredding. Self-decrypting files. Many useful bonus features.

Folder Lock can lock...
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2. Restore File or Data
Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery
All-in-One Free Data Recovery Software

Stellar Phoenix Data recovery software to recover lost or deleted data from different storage devices such as hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, etc. It also helps in retrieving the lost or deleted partitions of the hard drive.

Accidentally Lost or Deleted File Recovery

This free file recovery...
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Data Rescue
Data Recovery for home users: Quick and Deep scan options. Save your previous scan and continue where you left off. Recognize duplicates and save space.

Data Rescue PC is the #1 Rated Gold Award Winner for PC Recovery Software by TopTenReviews, Editor’s Choice by PC Magazine and has a 5 star rating at Amazon. Data Rescue is the PC data recovery software you need for...
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DiskDigger for Windows
DiskDigger has already helped millions of users around the world recover their lost files.

It's a program that undeletes and recovers lost files from your hard drive, memory cards, USB flash drives — you name it! Whether you accidentally deleted some documents or photos from your computer, reformatted your camera's memory card, or want to see what files are lurking on an...
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Ontrack EasyRecovery 11 Home
You may only get one chance to recover your data. No recovery is too small or too big for the most experienced data recovery team in the industry.

This file recovery tool is now equipped with data erase and data protection features. Protect, recover and erase data from file systems supported by Windows and Mac operating systems to help prevent data loss.

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Picture Rescue
Accidentally delete, reformat or have a corrupt camera media card? Picture Rescue is a photo recovery software that recovers digital pictures and videos from PC hard drives. It can recover lost digital pictures or videos after deletion, reformatting or...
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3. Wipe Each Bit of File
BitRaser for File
Equipped with internationally recognized erasure algorithms, BitRaser facilitates permanent deletion of files beyond the scope of recovery. Easy and straightforward way to erase files from hard drive securely, this software helps in securing confidential...
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WipeDrive completely erases ALL hard drive or external storage information including your personal data, programs, viruses and malware. Using WipeDrive's military grade wiping technology your data will be impossible to recover even with the most...
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4. Monitor Files
Directory Monitor
Monitor and detect who is making changes to your directories and network shares in real-time.

Directory Monitor is a tool that can watch for file and folder changes, modifications, deletions and the creation of new files, and can do this while being able to handle multiple locations at once. There is the ability to watch network shares in addition to local folders. The...
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