Security software (Apps) for File Security: If you haven’t been living on Mars these last years, having a data encryption strategy is a must. Let Encrypto be part of it. It's easy to use and impossible to hack. Download and give it a spin right now.

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MacPaw Inc. Producer
We breathe Apple dust and sculpt applications that leak magic at the seams. It’s an honor to make software signed MacPaw. We believe that making great products requires seeing the world in a different light. We are MacPaw, and we’re striving to innovate and create incredible software for your Mac.
Key Targets: File Security
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AES-256 encryptionFree
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FeatureAES-256 encryptionDevice
AES 256 encryptionWindows Mac
Encrypto takes any file or folder and adds AES-256 encryption to it. With encryption, you know your file is incredibly secure and that only the right person can access it.
Create password hintWindows Mac
Rather than relay a password to the recipient, include a unique, embedded password hint that only they would be able to decipher.
Send files securelyWindows Mac
Send encrypted files via email, Messages, AirDrop, Dropbox, carrier pigeon with a USB stick.
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