Passware Kit Basic

Security software (Apps) for File Security: Passware Kit Basic is an easy-to-use tool that recovers passwords for MS Excel and Word documents, Windows Administrators, email accounts, and websites. From office documents to encrypted archives and disks, Passware provides powerful and user-friendly tools to decrypt data.

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 Passware Kit Basic
1 Basic Information
Passware Inc. Producer
Founded in 1998, Passware is the world's leading maker of password recovery software. Passware is also the go-to tool in the corporate world. It is used for encryption audits and as a critical compliance tool. It allows customers in businesses of all sizes to access encrypted documents, ensuring constant availability of important information.
Key Targets: File SecurityPrivacy Security
Other Targets: Password
Vendor Page: Download or Buy  
Device List: Windows
2 Price Plans
Plan NameMoneyDurationOthers
Basic$50Lifetime70+ file types
Standard$80Lifetime110+ file types
Plus$195Lifetime190+ file types
3 Main Features Toggle Explanation
MS Office filesWindows
Word, Excel, PowerPoint
OpenOffice filesWindows
normal OpenOffice types
Reset local passwordWindows
Reset local administrator password
types like .zip, 7z, and .rar files
PDF and AccessWindows
PDF and MS Access and Outlook files
Common other filesWindows
like QuickBooks and FileMaker
Reset Windows passwordsWindows
all local accounts and server account
Password managersWindows
Integrate with 1Password, LastPass, and more
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