Chromebook: Internet Security Suite

Data Security: Tools

 By Chris Ghana
Chromebook: Internet Security Suite
1. Overview
A Chromebook has a relatively higher security level by design; however, any system has security flaws, especially the Chromebooks' users, usually young students who have less information security knowledge.

If an Internet security suite can cover your Chromebook, it will protect your data against hackers who want to exploit Chromebook defects. So when choosing an Internet suite, you should ensure it can cover your Chromebook.

2. 2021 Chromebook Internet Security
Trend Security
Detail Info
FeatureInternet SecurityMaximum SecurityPremium SecurityDeviceNote
AntivirusFull list
Ransomware shieldWindows
Ransomware shieldFull list
Scan emailWindows
Scan emailFull list
Safe familyWindows
Safe familyFull list
Safeguard paymentWindows
Safeguard paymentFull list
Monitor social mediaWindows
Monitor social mediaFull list
Password managerFull list
Secure VPNFull listUnlimited traffic
Monitor privacy breachFull list
Malwarebytes Security
Detail Info
FeaturePremium 1Premium 5Premium + PrivacyDeviceNote
AntivirusFull list
Crushe ransomwareFull list
Safe webFull list
Anti identity theftFull list
Secure VPNFull listUnlimited traffic
Wi-Fi VPNFull list