AOMEI Backupper

Security software (Apps) for Data Backup: Designed for Windows operating system users, PCs, and Servers to keep OS and files on computers safe and retrieved. AOMEI Backupper is embedded with backup, restore, and cloning features to make itself complete and professional Windows backup software.

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 AOMEI Backupper
1 Basic Information
AOMEI International Network Limited Producer
Life risks are insured by purchasing insurance. The same as life, data can also be insured by data insurance. AOMEI has been devoted to global data insurance with the mission of "Always Keep Global Data Safer." We provide data insurance by delivering "data backup" products.
Key Targets: Data BackupFile Security
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Device List: Windows
2 Price Plans
Plan NameMoneyDurationOthers
Professional$50LifetimeFree trial
3 Main Features Toggle Explanation
Backup select fileWindows
Backing up just the files you select is a significant time-saver. You can choose private files by libraries or folders, like documents, photos, videos, etc.
Smart backupWindows
It means to support automatically incremental backup, differential backup, and other flexible controls.
FTP and network backupWindows
Backing up to other computers on your network or by FTP safeguards your data with an offsite physically discrete copy.
Optical device supportWindows
It supports optical devices as archive media.
Overwriting previous files is not a good backup; it's one-way syncing or mirroring. It allows you to retain several previous backups if something goes wrong in the latest file.
Encrypt dataWindows
Encrypt files and removable media, such as USB keys on Windows operating system.
Boot mediaWindows
If the system crash completely, you need an alternate way to boot and run the recovery software. It can create a bootable optical disc or USB thumb drive.
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