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By Huan Miles
Cybercriminals are impersonating the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), which is the largest brokerage regulation company in the US. Organizations strive to be compliant with regulations... [keywords] Phishing, Email, FINRA
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Real People Trick You Downloading Malware
A recent social engineering scam uses real people in a call center to trick you into downloading malware onto your computer. It exploits the MS Excel macro to install the seed malware and then control your computer. Here's how the scam works: [keywords] Microsoft, Excel, Macro
By Huan Miles  View Full Paper  
Be Careful About Cyber Attack Using Windows 11 Upgrade
Microsoft Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world. This October, it is getting an upgrade. Microsoft has announced that starting October 5, compatible systems that run the current version of Windows 10 will be offered a free upgrade to Windows 11... [keywords] Windows 11, Microsoft
By Huan Miles  View Full Paper  
Man-made Phish Bait on COVID-19
COVID-19 is from the nature, be or not to be, is a question. But there are some computer viruses or malware made from COVID-19. E.g., cybercriminals have used COVID-19 as phish bait since the start of the pandemic, there are some computer viruses or malware made from COVID-19... [keywords] Email, Phish Bait
By Huan Miles  View Full Paper  
classic Facebook-Themed Phishing Attack
While cyber threats continue to advance in new and intimidating ways, classic or say simple phishing methods are still a favorite among phishing emails. Let's take a look at a recent Facebook-themed phishing attack. Keep alert to spot any red flags in your email box...
By Huan Miles  View Full Paper  
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