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By Lee Mathews
The government of the city of Pensacola, Florida has become a new victim of the Maze ransomware over one month. The hackers who are asking 1 million USD start releasing files. Now a 2 GB archive was uploaded to a public website, which is believed just 6% of the total hijacked data. Pensacola knows the increasing the pressure, but it has to face a data leaking threat just after a ransom disaster...
By Lee Mathews  View Source  
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Massive Leak Leaves 267M Facebook Users Data Exposed
If you are a Facebook user, you should head up for a new warning: 267 million users' data had been exposed on the Internet for weeks before it was reported. Some of them are already seen on the dark web. The breached data include user name, ID, mobile number, and other personal information. At this stage, researchers believe that the accident is due to issues in Facebook management...
Why You Need Check Data Breach Online
Take Collection 1 as an example to show why you have a chance to check if your private data leaked online. It helps you to choose the right tool and method to find out personal information leakage and prevent further damage as early as possible...
By Timing Good  View Source  
Your Yahoo Email Account May Bring Up 25000 Dollars
If your Yahoo email was breached before, you might get an email issued by a class action. It's a chance to bring you up to 25000 dollars under the current settlement for Yahoo mass accounts leakage. Although the maximum reimbursement for each person is up to $25,000, the claim time frame is relatively tight. If you are eligible for the account holder, you should file a claim by July 20, 2020, to receive settlement benefits...
By Jackson White  View Source  
Accept Equifax Data Breach Settlement Or Not
Equifax Data Breach is becoming headline again. Victims are furious over the unfair settlement between the U.S. government and Equifax for a leakage accident. By current settlement, the latter is said to escape liability. The petition aimed at bringing proper justice to the customers of one of the world’s largest credit reporting agencies. A settlement Equifax reached with federal and state investigations could cost the company as much as $700 million...
By Catalin Cimpanu  View Source  
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