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Your Yahoo Email Account May Bring Up 25000 Dollars
If your Yahoo email was breached before, you may get an email issued by a class action. It's a chance to bring you up to 25000 dollars under the current settlement for Yahoo mass accounts leakage. Although the maximum reimbursement for each person is up to $25,000, the claim time frame is relatively tight. If you are eligible account holder, you should file a claim by July 20, 2020 to receive settlement benefits...
By Jackson White  View Source  
Accept Equifax Data Breach Settlement Or Not
Equifax Data Breach is becoming headline again. Victims are furious over the unfair settlement between the U.S. government and Equifax for a leakage accident. By current settlement, the latter is said to escape liability. The petition aimed at bringing proper justice to the customers of one of the world’s largest credit reporting agencies. A settlement Equifax reached with federal and state investigations could cost the company as much as $700 million...
By Catalin Cimpanu  View Source  
Disqus & Kickstarter Hacker Tells How to Against Password Reuse
After any data breached, they will be traded quickly in dark web or even public domain, and are available to cyber criminals all over the world. These privacy data are organized records to sell, showing password, email, name, address, and etc. It any vicitim reuses same password, he or she will become a potential target. The past hacker is telling how the attacks take place...
By Catalin Cimpanu  View Source  
Millions Of Fingerprint And Facial Recognition Data Breached
Traditional passwords aren't unique object of hackers. Biometric database of facial recognition or fingerprints is also hot in attacked list. One of them has been reported to be accessed without authorizing and its damage is not yet clear; but fingerprints and facial recognition data of millions of people have been exposed. These biometric data cannot be changed as usernames and passwords. It means they will be compromised forever...
By Zak Doffman  View Source  
100 Million Capital One Credit Card Data Are Leaked
How muh personal data can stop a hacker's digging? A hacker stole more than 100 million Capital One customers' data. Paige Thompson is accused of breaking into a Capital One server and getting 1 million Canadian Social Insurance numbers, one third of the total canada people, and 80,000 bank account numbers, in addition to people's names, addresses, credit scores, credit limits. It is just disclosed by related banks and the US Department of Justice, is the latest and one of the largest data leakage cases.
By Rob McLean  View Source  
Think before Bite: Phishing Targets Amazon Customers Ahead of Prime Day
This is a fault of Amazon or Prime Day, but its customers are becoming the targets for phishing. Recent years the more and more strong consumer group gives a larger space for cyber criminals to abuse. For example, a phishing kit makes it easy for beginning hacker to construct an email that looks uncomfortably similar to an email alert you would get from Amazon. Prime Day is becoming one of hottest shopping periods and also the hottest opportunities for cybercriminals...
By Austin Williams  View Source  
Huawei Laptop Backdoor Flaw in Windows 10 Raises Concerns
A flaw in Huawei laptops's Windows 10 has been found by Microsoft researchers. This flaw could have been used to take control of computer and even more, and it had probably been introduced at the manufacturing stage. BBC news said Huawei denies any collusion with Beijing, corrected the flaw after it was notified about it in January. A British Prof told BBC the flaw is related to a known computer security issue, which has been abused by a wide variety of hackers, including those who are state-sponsored and criminal gangs...
By Jane Wakefield  View Source  
Taipei Government Shocked Hacker Invasion: Mayor Ko Wen-je's Visit Leaked
The Taipei Government computers have been hacked, lots of data, including Taipei Mayor Ke Wen-je (Ke Wenzhe) and his visit to the US, are believed to leak, the police have begun investigations. Months ago, 3 million health data are stolen, and the attacking IP has been confirmed from China. This time, because 11 computers of the Taipei international affairs team had been hacked just before Mayor Ke's Washington trip, politic factors, either from China or US, may be the root of it...
By Lee I-chia  View Source  
1 million StreetEasy accounts have been hacked
You are hunting for new home, but your data are for sale on dark web. Say less online may become a trend when more and more hacker stories are reported. A million StreetEasy accounts have been hacked and for sale on the dark web. The company confirmed Tuesday evening. It's difficult for StreetEasy, its spokesperson said the stolen data included email addresses, user names and encrypted passwords. The actual leakage are even more, like phone numbers, the last four digits, card type, expiration dates, and billing addresses...
By JIM DALRYMPLE  View Source  
Formjacking Is the New Favorite Hack of Cyber Crooks
In some cases, your personal data is leaked not from your side. Every month, 4,800 websites around retail websites are targeted by cyber criminals, who snatch credit/debit card information with a hacking technique called formjacking, one of the newest favorite ways for hackers to steal personal data. Now small and medium-sized businesses are still the biggest targets of formjacking, but British Airways and Ticketmaster have also fallen victim to attacks. It possibly hurts confidences of online business...