Data Guardian 7

Security software (Apps) for File Security: Data Guardian provides a wide range of data protection. Leaving post-it notes attached to your monitor to remember passwords is a significant security risk! In a world plagued by privacy concerns, trust in Data Guardian's 448-bit strong Blowfish encryption to keep your mind at ease!

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 Data Guardian 7
1 Basic Information
Koingo Software, Inc. Producer
Located in Canada, Koingo has provided digital solutions for businesses and individuals since 1995. Our award-winning software is now installed on thousands of personal computers worldwide — seamlessly integrating with a modern lifestyle.
Key Targets: File Security
Other Targets: PasswordPrivacy Security
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Device List: Mac
2 Price Plans
Plan NameMoneyDurationOthers
Solo$1.83Month5 devices per year
Household$4.92Month10 devices per year
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Encrypted file storageMac
offer encrypted file storage to keep your important data if the original copy is damaged or hijacked.
Automatic CleaningMac
Regularly cleans junk files to keep your computer running smoothly.
Backup select fileMac
Backing up just the files you select is a significant time-saver. You can choose private files by libraries or folders, like documents, photos, videos, etc.
Smart backupMac
It means to support automatically incremental backup, differential backup, and other flexible controls.
Capture all your files exactly as they are at a moment in time. Restore files you accidentally deleted — or that were corrupted by malware.
Password generatorMac
Hackers will break easy and plain passwords quickly; reversely, a complex password brings you higher security. The tool creates strong passwords that are difficult to crack on your device to keep your accounts and documents safe.
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