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Services, tools, resources, and data security stories: an information hub to help you keep data secure.

Below sections disclose security concerns and privacy protections of network connection and information gathering for all apps and services of

An announcement of any changes to this policy will be posted prominently on this page for 30 days before any changes go into effect.

The effective date of the current policy was July 01, 2018.

 Network Connection
Some services and contents of have to access or re-access this web site by Internet to get refreshed materials, e.g., updated stories and tools.

However, does not gather any personal information about users, does not log the IP addresses, does not collect or keep user cookies, or visiting records. does not keep any common user's data at the server-side, except contents submitted by internal editors and qualified contributors.

 Personal Information does not request user information in general. It's an information hub without any register or account.

Some services may need the user to provide information, e.g., email; however these inputs will be removed just when you close the current web page.

Any information or message that you send by Contact Form will be deleted in 2 weeks.

 Data Host does not touch any user data by its servers. The website itself stores at contractor's server. To avoid any risk of data leaking, we choose a world-class provider to host this site.

Hostgator hosts all data of by cutting edge information technology: hardware and software, and follows the laws related to information security of the USA and Europe.

 Cookie and Local Storage makes use of cookies and local storage to enhance browsing experience and provide additional functionality. These cookies and local storage are only to keep temporary data at user devices. They aren't related to any privacy. also integrates a few codes and features from Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. All cookies and local storage are safe and isolated to all third parties.

 Conflict with Individual Statement
This Privacy Statement is generic for users and contents of this site, including data stories, tools, resources, and services. However, if any service has an exclusive privacy statement, this page's statements should be ignored.
 About us

Data Security: Service and Tool ( is a free online resource for common computer/Internet users. It focuses on providing tools, services, resources, and stories to help keeping personal data secure.

We collect and maintain handy lists for tools and services that will help you deal with possible troubles, from file missed to computer locked.

Resources are contributed by our technology team, which are to introduce some hot, important, but complicated information security concepts with concise essays. Although we are trying to simplify its contents, they have a technology nature and seem to be a little difficult for common people. However, if you are willing to spend time to understand some data security issues, these well-organized topics may help very much.

Data story is the most popular section on the web site. We select reports from big and typical data breach accidents, which offer first-hand lessons to educate generic information system users how to guard their privacy in data age. We also integrate tools and knowledge, from check if to be victims, to claim our rights.

We hope you can get what you want from It's such a pleasure to contribute a little positive force to build a safer data world. Any problems, please let us know.

Thank you.

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