Mobicip Parental Control

Security software (Apps) for Parental Control: With more access to technology than ever before, how do you set healthy limits on your child's digital experience? Mobicip is the internet filter to create a safe learning environment for your kids. Our popular internet filter scans online content dynamically in real time, going beyond just URLs & keywords.

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 Mobicip Parental Control
1 Basic Information
Mobicip LLC. Producer
Mobicip was born with a mission to create and foster the safe use of technology for learning and enrichment. A few million downloads, ten years, and petabytes of usage later, we believe the vision has come full circle as the world as we know it, and not just education, has been transformed.
Key Targets: Parental Control
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Device List: WindowsMaciOSAndroidChromeBook
2 Price Plans
Plan NameMoneyDurationOthers
LITE$3Month5 devices
STANDARD$5Month10 devices
PREMIUM$8Month20 devices
3 Main Features Toggle Explanation
Limit devise timeFull list
Restrict when users can use their devices, helping them manage their time.
Remote ControlFull list
You can adjust the children's device setting from your device, like taking a break by locking the device or changing the browser's settings.
Location SupervisioniOS Android
Stay informed about where children are by the map with their devices. It provides history to show where they've been.
Monitor user activityFull list
Stay on top of your device usage by easily monitoring their daily activity.
Restrict accessFull list
Restrict internet access to specific allow-listed domains for a locked-down environment.
Safe web browsingFull list
Keep kids away from apps and websites that are inappropriate or distracting by toggling access on and off.
Search supervisionFull list
See the words, terms, and phrases in searching to gain insights and help protect objects from inappropriate content.
Video SupervisionFull list
See a list of the YouTube videos watched on the object's devices and even view a snippet of each video.
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