Kiddoware Kids Place

Security software (Apps) for Parental Control: Kids Place (and its full version, Kiddoware) is an app created for parents who want to control their children's activity and Screen Time on phones and tablets. Kiddoware parental control apps protect your data. One such feature is an app launcher that restricts children to apps you have approved.

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 Kiddoware Kids Place
1 Basic Information
Kiddoware Producer
Kiddoware is the world's leading parental control solutions company and serves over 5 million families worldwide. Kiddoware is committed to helping you protect your kids while providing you the intelligence to be proactive about your child's online activities.
Key Targets: Parental Control
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Device List: Android
2 Price Plans
Plan NameMoneyDurationOthers
Kids Place$5Month$70 Forever
Kiddoware$9Month$100 Forever
3 Main Features Toggle Explanation
FeatureEssentialKids PlaceKiddowareDevice
Safe web browsingAndroid
Keep kids away from apps and websites that are inappropriate or distracting by toggling access on and off.
Search supervisionAndroid
See the words, terms, and phrases in searching to gain insights and help protect objects from inappropriate content.
Block app storesAndroid
Prevent downloading new apps and purchases.
Video SupervisionAndroid
See a list of the YouTube videos watched on the object's devices and even view a snippet of each video.
Limit devise timeAndroid
Restrict when users can use their devices, helping them manage their time.
Mobile App SupervisionAndroid
See which apps have been downloaded on the object's devices and choose which ones they can use.
Kids Safe BrowserAndroid
Provide a safe search engine and internet filters for your children.
Location SupervisionAndroid
Stay informed about where children are by the map with their devices. It provides history to show where they've been.
Remote ControlAndroid
You can adjust the children's device setting from your device, like taking a break by locking the device or changing the browser's settings.
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