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Mac App Store Apps Caught Stealing and Uploading Browser History
A distributor called Trend Micro, which is linked to a solid information security brand, published some apps, e.g. Dr. Cleaner, are found collect and upload browser history form your mac by multiple research groups. Although the malware have been gotten rid of the App Store, and industry are discussing how the Apple exposes users that trust the store fully to the risk, common consumers must learn from the story: no brand deserves our full trust and the free stuffs probably equal to baits...
By Guilherme Rambo  View Source  
Apple Strong Principles Bend to Chinese Police State
Apple officially moves its Chinese iCloud operations. At this moment who will believe that Apple protects encryption keys from China? Starting Wednesday, iCloud customers in China will be transferred to China, housed in a center operated by a Chinese company. In fact some people start to delete private data from iCloud since a debate between Apple and FBI 2 years ago. In general, if anyone dislikes FBI, he or she is easy to go with enemies of FBI. Apple possibly will gain more customers who trust China rather than America...
By Marcio Jose Sanchez  View Source  
Apple and FBI Agree to End Encryption Battle
Two years after the FBI failed to let Apple hack into a phone used by one of the San Bernardino murders. Apple has been highlighted for protecting customers' privacy, even if the customer killed dozen of Americans and FBI needs more clues to safe innocent man and woman. Is this dispute really an issue about customers' privacy? Since 2018 Feb, Apple moves all iCloud data of Chinese customers to China. It refused FBI to hunt terrorists but leave a backdoor for Chinese Government. It's not to keep privacy but trade privacy...
By Elizabeth Weise  View Source  
Texas Gunman Locked iPhone Renews Encryption Debate
When you heard FBI failed to unlock the cellphone of the Texas gunman, what do you think? Yahoo once leaked almost everyone's data to hackers, but Apple is fighting to protect privacy of murders like this shooter. Are they really so different? This sad story is reigniting the debate over encryption and government access to secured communications. It's just a blooding commerce chance for some companies and far away the nature: we must punish criminals either online or by gun...
Outdated XML Library in ESET Leads Mac Vulnerable
Antivirus itself became threat of information security. This happened again on famous ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6 for Mac OS. A outdated XML library with a parser of 2007 included in a recent update to the product is subject to a buffer overflow bug, according to Google researchers. The parser is vulnerable to attack, allowing root-level code execution...
By Mike Wuerthele  View Source  
Do Apple Macs need antivirus
Do your Mac need antivirus? The answer is yes. The virus cases are less reported than Windows doesn't mean it's safer than latter. The key reason is its market share is less than latter. This paper recommends BitDefender Antivirus and Norton Antivirus. Possibly others have different ideas. However, reasons for the suggestion that Macs do require antivirus deserves every user to know...
By Matt Egan  View Source  
Apple Rushes Out iOS Update To Fix Spyware Threat
Apple has issued an emergent upgrade of iOS mobile operating system, for its iPhone and iPad, after a botched attempt to break into the iPhone of an Arab activist using hitherto unknown espionage software.
By Associated Press  View Source  
The Best Encryption Software
Do you remember the story of Bernardino shooter's iPhone? FBI needed information encrypted in the phone, but Apple refused to offer a back door to get it. No such back door existed as Apple said? None knows the truth. The FBI had to hire hackers to get into the phone...
By NEIL J. RUBENKING  View Source  
Apple Will Pay Money to Hackers Who Report Flaws
Apple announced a list of vulnerabilities that would command big bounties, from $25,000 to $200,000. If you hate money, Apple said that if any hacker donates bounty to charity, it would match the donation.
A Single Text Gives Hackers to Access iPhone
By latest security research, All Apple devices, especially iPhone, can be corrupted simply by receiving a malicious image text, even through a webpage on Safari browser. This test creates a memory overflow, and then allows for "remote code execution on vulnerable systems."
By Darren Orf  View Source  
Apple engineers note that hackers are the real danger to our security
There's been a lot of talk recently about the U.S. government's position concerning mobile security, encryption, and the sanctity of personal data. This came about when Apple refused to help the FBI unlock the San Bernardino suspect's iPhone 5c on ethical grounds. Since, the FBI called in so-called “pro hackers” to do the job; the iPhone has been...
By Joe White  View Source  
The Strange Origins of TrueCrypt, ISIS Favored Encryption Tool
Before companies like Apple and Microsoft built encryption into their products, before Apple took on the U.S. government (briefly) over the unlocking of a San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, TrueCrypt and programs like it were the primary means for securing files and disks by those with a privacy bent of whatever stripe. Free to download and...
By EVAN RATLIFF  View Source  
Flaw in iMessage encryption revealed by researchers
Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have cracked the encryption on Apple’s iMessage service, proving that a skilled attacker is capable of reading messages sent between iPads, iPhones and Macs despite the security measures protecting the devices. The attack relies on a flaw in iMessage which will be fixed in iOS 9.3, released today. But until...
By Alex Hern  View Source  
Ransomware On Apple's iCloud: How the Attack Worked
Be honest, have you ever really been worried about your Apple device getting hacked? I never truly considered the possibility. That is, until I heard about the ransomware attack which affected iCloud users in Australia and the U.S. recently. Victims were locked out of their iPhones by an "Oleg Pliss" and told to pay $100 to unlock their device. In...
By Abigail Wang  View Source  
Australian Apple devices hacked and held to ransom
A number of Apple users across Australia have reported having their iPhones, iPads and Macs targeted by hackers threatening to erase their data and demanding US$100 to regain access to devices. Users have taken to Apple's Support forums to complain about the attack, which presents as a message saying the device has been "hacked by Oleg Pliss"....
By Claire Reilly  View Source  
Microsoft shows off digital-crime-fighting center
In a building on the north side of Microsoft’s Redmond campus, there is much talk of stopping the bad guys. By that, the Microsoft employees do not mean Google, Apple or Rather, the investigators, forensics experts, engineers and lawyers staffing Microsoft’s new Cybercrime Center talk about stopping criminals: software pirates,...
By Janet I. Tu  View Source  
Company Says It, Not F.B.I., Was Hacking Victim
A company in Orlando, Fla., said on Monday that it — not the F.B.I. — was the source of a file hackers posted online last week that contained a million identification numbers for Apple mobile devices. The company, BlueToad, which works with thousands of publishers to translate printed content into digital and mobile formats, said hackers had...
By Nicole Perlroth  View Source