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 Search Result for Trend Micro in All Fields - Find 4 Stories
Mac App Store Apps Caught Stealing and Uploading Browser History
A distributor called Trend Micro, which is linked to a solid information security brand, published some apps, e.g. Dr. Cleaner, are found collect and upload browser history form your mac by multiple research groups. Although the malware have been gotten rid of the App Store, and industry are discussing how the Apple exposes users that trust the store fully to the risk, common consumers must learn from the story: no brand deserves our full trust and the free stuffs probably equal to baits...
By Guilherme Rambo  View Source  
Hackers Abuse Google Ad To Spread Malware That Mines Cryptocurrency
Everyone is possible to become a victim of malware, even IT giants like Google. Trend Micro have spotted Google's ad network was abused to spread malware by hackers to mine cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. The network reaches about a quarter billion unique viewers in the U.S. alone, but cyber criminals just infected 5 countries up to now: France, Italy, Japan, Spain and Taiwan. The malware's goal is to mine cryptocurrency on your computers. It steals power of your computer power instead of privacy in it...
By Lee Mathews  View Source  
Trend Micro Is Fighting Locky Ransomware Variants
Locky ransomware isn't new, but recent weeks an alert is urgent: one variant of this ransomware is coming under one of the largest malware campaigns in the second half of 2017: 23 million spam emails. According to Trend Micro, the ransomware is not likely to be on the scale of 'Wannacrypt' and 'Petya' that relied on Microsoft vulnerability in Windows XP. Only if you deal with the spam email in right way: delete it...
By IANS  View Source  
Trend Micro flaw may leak all your passwords
A discovery by a well-known Google security researcher provides further proof how antivirus programs designed to shield computers from attacks can sometimes provide a doorway for hackers. Tavis Ormandy, an information security engineer with Google, wrote he found bugs in Trend Micro's antivirus product that could allow remote code execution by...
By Jeremy Kirk  View Source