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 Search Result for App Store in All Fields - Find 2 Stories
Mac App Store Apps Caught Stealing and Uploading Browser History
A distributor called Trend Micro, which is linked to a solid information security brand, published some apps, e.g. Dr. Cleaner, are found collect and upload browser history form your mac by multiple research groups. Although the malware have been gotten rid of the App Store, and industry are discussing how the Apple exposes users that trust the store fully to the risk, common consumers must learn from the story: no brand deserves our full trust and the free stuffs probably equal to baits...
By Guilherme Rambo  View Source  
Viral APP YO Has Already Been Hacked
The new, ultra-simple, Poke-like app Yo has seen its first real security breach after catapulting past Facebook's Slingshot app on the App Store and raising more than $1 million in venture capital. According to TechCrunch, a Georgia Tech student allegedly found a way to get the phone numbers of Yo's more than 300,000 users, barrage those users'...
By SKYLAR BERGL  View Source