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 Search Result for Amazon in All Fields - Find 6 Stories
Parler accuses Amazon of giving a green light to hackers to attack its data centers
This story tells a different sort of cyber security. Does Amazon have links with hackers or hackers who work for FBI? Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Whatever the answer is? If the common users' data and privacy have to be traded off for some unknown thing, they at least should get an explanation or excuse. Parler or Amazon, a very ugly cyber security case...
By Ryan Lovelace  View Source  
Think before Bite: Phishing Targets Amazon Customers Ahead of Prime Day
This is a fault of Amazon or Prime Day, but its customers are becoming the targets for phishing. Recent years the more and more strong consumer group gives a larger space for cyber criminals to abuse. For example, a phishing kit makes it easy for beginning hacker to construct an email that looks uncomfortably similar to an email alert you would get from Amazon. Prime Day is becoming one of hottest shopping periods and also the hottest opportunities for cybercriminals...
By Austin Williams  View Source  
Dow Jones 2.4M Records Left Exposed from Amazon Server
We usually think financial organization like Dow Jones should have higher data security standards. A bad news is telling its watchlist of more than 2.4 million 'high-risk' clients was leaked to the public due to incorrectly configured from unsecured Elasticsearch database, hosted on AWS, the famous cloud of Amazon. A report said the the list, as big as 4.4GB, was sitting on a public Elasticsearch and available for public access. We doubt that game level technology or management can really protect serious privacy?
By Adam Shepherd  View Source  
Foreshadow attack affects Intel chips
This is third time this year Intel chips are discovered security flaw, code as Foreshadow. Researchers from at least 3 organisations reported a crucial risk that was proved by Intel quickly. To avoid possible attack, Intel did a hot fix to key consumers, like the biggest cloud services companies - Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Personal users are advised to download and install any software updates available...
By Dave Lee  View Source  
Artificial Intelligence is Helping Bosses Spy You
You may not read every word of your employment contact before signing. At AI era, the file probably includes new articles related to your privacy. When you get the job, it means you consents to sort of surveillance by modern IT or AI technology. For example, Amazon has patented a wristband that tracks the hand movements of workers; Workday, a software firm, crunches around 60 factors to predict which employees will leave. Your boss can know you more than yourself...
By The Economist  View Source  
Microsoft shows off digital-crime-fighting center
In a building on the north side of Microsoft’s Redmond campus, there is much talk of stopping the bad guys. By that, the Microsoft employees do not mean Google, Apple or Rather, the investigators, forensics experts, engineers and lawyers staffing Microsoft’s new Cybercrime Center talk about stopping criminals: software pirates,...
By Janet I. Tu  View Source