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 Search Result for virus in All Fields - Find 5 Resources
How to Choose Anti Virus Tools Windows
Choose a right anti-virus software isn't a straight job for many customers. Each anti-virus software or solution has own attributes, this is why people usually struggle how to get a right thing in lots of candidates. In fact, these products are different from each other, even on their core features: scan and remove virus.
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The Key Features of Anti Malware for Windows
In the view of computer security, malware isn't identical as virus. A computer virus is a malware, but the reverse may not be. Malware, this word is short for malicious software, anything run on your computer but out of your control are possibly malware, such as spyware, adware, worms, Trojan horse, virus is also a type of malware.
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Anti Virus Software for Android
In general, people think Android is safer than Windows. It's based on the assumption that all Android apps are downloaded from Google Play, which will reject anything with virus. However, no one can guarantee everything from Google play and even Google can't ensure to block any Android virus. So, for Android it's safer but still needs anit-virus software.
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Anti Malware Tools for Android
By the nature of Android, virus risk is relatively low because normal virus mechanism can hardly run under Android architecture. So its security issues usually come from spyware, adware, and other malware. This is why anti malware is much more popular than anti virus on Android devices. Many Android security tools include basic anti-malware features.
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Internet Security Software for Android
Internet security suite usually integrates full functionalities to protect your Android device from risk. It's an all in one package. In addition to normal anti-virus and anti-malware features, it usually offers some extra or exclusive features, like password or credential management. it also includes some extra features from product to product. Internet security suite will focus on safety risk of device and data not only anti virus.
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