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 By Chris Gudy
Who need Spyware and Adware
Some people think spyware and adware are evil. Yes, in most cases. But, we never agree that spyware and adware equal to evil software or malware. Like all software, some are legal, and some is not. This depends on how to use the technology but not the technology itself. In fact, there are lots of normal spyware application ins computer network of today. Only because those illegal ones are radically dangerous for innocent users, people usually ignore other normal applications of spyware.

We will analyze usual application types instead of simply say what is legal and what is not. Each spyware captures different information for different owner, which indicates who installs the software on your computer. If one kind of owner represents one kind of application, in general, spyware serves for one of following owners.

Corporations and organizations:  They might use spyware to monitor the computer and Internet usage of their employees. On one hand employers state that they have rights to protect own resource; on the other hand employees argue that spyware definitely violate their privacy. Although this type of spyware is still in legal dispute, more and more employers Skills of Spyware Adware Removal begin to install it.

Crackers and hackers:  They might use spyware to capture confidential information from individual users. Some people insist on that spyware equals to malware because of this type of spyware. The spyware that is originated in crackers and hackers actually has little positive contribution. Nevertheless, we cannot say all spyware in this type is illegal.

Parents:  They might use spyware to monitor home computer and Internet usage. We can think this type of spyware is a mini version of spyware serving for corporations and organizations. To keep their children from questionable or inappropriate information, many parents hope spyware can help them.􀁺 Advertising and marketing companies: They might use spyware to assemble market data and to serve personalized ads to individual users. The latter functionality is also called adware. Some people purpose that adware is an independent type of software or malware. We think it should be a type of spyware because it has little value if an adware lacks functionalities of spyware.

Governments:  They might use spyware to monitor Internet for public security or information warfare. You must agree that governments are the biggest owner of spyware just as they are the biggest employer of real spy. Absolutely, they have the cutting edge spyware and are responsible to lead the trend of spyware.

As we know, some spyware is used for unethical purposes, but this is no relationship with what type it belongs to. That is, even if it is distributed via government, it is possible that it violates law. This situation is exactly as similar as spy.

If you are an employee, you should never be nervous when you know your boss is using spyware as a kind of management tool and you are being monitored by it. In fact, smart employers always look for theories and methods to manage their employees to protect from wasting time and taxpayer dollars. Spyware is only a new contribution from IT industry. That is, the spyware is installed knowingly. You cannot delete it or fight against it unless you refuse the agreement based on which your boss installs monitoring software.

In short, all spyware has been installed in two ways: open or secret. For those installed in open, you need not to research them more because you can uninstall them via general technology. Besides, usually, you also know their functionalities. In other words, you have many measures to protect own privacy. For example, never check private emails in office computer.The real danger comes from those installed in secret because you do not know what it wants to do. You surely feel strange how the spyware comes to my computer. The answer is quite simple: by yourself.

Basically, spyware cannot move into your computer without your help. Of course, you never agree any spyware to install if it marks itself as spyware. So all spyware installation utilizes two kinds of vulnerability. One is of computer software; another is of human.

Because modern computer software is extremely complicated, researchers often find flaws in popular software. If you happen to use them, it is possible that some spyware can exploit flaws to install. Theoretically, you cannot prevent from this kind of installation. When you surf a web page, a small picture maybe bring you a terrible spyware. Besides keeping your software as strong as possible, not to or less go to unsafe or unfamiliar sites is the unique way to decrease the possibility to be a victim of spyware.

Obviously, this kind of spyware needs high level of technology to exploit flaws of software. Most spyware installation uses much simple way by cheating. For example, they can offer you a free program to clean spyware. Indeed, their real target is to install own spyware though they maybe have functionality to clean other spyware. If you are favor in looking for free software, your computer probably have bunch of spyware.So, we contribute two advises to decrease secret installation of spyware: not to or less go unsafe or unfamiliar sites and not to or less download free software.