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 By Isiak Windres
Internet Security Tools for Windows
Internet security suite sometimes makes common home computer users confused. Is it an anti-virus or anti-malware? Or is it stronger than both anti-virus and anti-malware? The second one is a good guess. Simply speaking, Internet security suite should include normal features of anti-virus and anti-malware. Namely, Internet security suite absolutely has the capability of anti-virus. In addition, it offers more to protect from harms from Internet. The usual features of Internet security are like firewall, phishing detection, email protection, blocking key logger, etc.

If you installed anti-virus products of business level, in most cases you have been protected by Internet security already. The business or enterprise versions of anti-virus products usually integrate full information protection technology together; they should cover all security requirements and functionalities. So for products of business level, anti-virus, anti-malware, and Internet security suite are overlapped in market. Their stresses may be different, but the core is similar.

If you are home user, use or not use Internet security suite may be a question. The point is running features of Internet security will cost much more resources, such as CPU and memory usage, than pure anti-virus products. If your computer is older, the overall running of the whole system may be slowed down apparently. Usability and performance, which are obvious disadvantages of Internet security suite, are actually the main reasons to block many home users to install Internet security suite. Unless you have lots of financial transactions or extensively use banking online, you don’t need consider an Internet security suite. Of course, in this case you need ensure your computer strong enough. Otherwise, for most personal purposes, an anti-virus will work fine for you.

Basically, Internet security suite is for business users. Some popular products are in following list.

AhnLabV3 Internet SecurityKorea
AVG TechnologiesAVG Internet SecurityCzech Republic
Comodo GroupComodo Internet Security PremiumUSA
HAURIViRobot Internet SecurityKorea
K7 ComputingK7 Internet SecurityIndia
Kaspersky LabKaspersky Internet SecurityRussia
Msecure Data LabsMSecure Internet SecurityUSA
Panda SecurityPanda Internet Security Spain
QihooQihoo 360 Internet SecurityChina
ThreatTrack SecurityVIPRE Internet SecurityUSA
TotalDefenseInternet Security Suite PlusUSA
Trend MicroInternet SecurityUSA