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 By Steve Morhan
Anti Virus Software for Android
Android's chief tech executive once said you don't need anti-virus as in Windows if you get all apps from Google Play or any other trusted Android store. The point is Google Play or any Android store should scan all apps to ensure they are virus free. If you always download apps from this sort of sources, you shouldn’t encounter virus risk. Even if few apps may hide from virus checking at start, and you unfortunately download that app. As long as the store recognizes the risk, it will remove related apps from store and terminate its running. This is why we usually say Android is relatively safer than Windows.

However, everything has exception. Although app stores have own security mechanism, they cannot offer 100 percent confidence to block all virus at first time. In other words, virus still has chance to get your device. Besides, in some cases, you may install apps from non-store resources that will bring larger risk to get infected with virus.

anti-virus apps are developed for these situations. If you are aggressive users and always like to try latest apps from various resources, we strongly recommend installing an anti-virus app to enhance protection.

When selecting anti-virus app, you usually consider usability, protection, and performance. Because anti-virus app isn’t very necessary for common Android users who only get apps from Google Play, we assume you are very familiar with your device and your device is strong enough. If so, usability and performance aren’t the core issue to count on. You must put the protection to primary place. In addition to anti-virus, you may also need anti-malware and even Internet security suite. Therefore pure anti-virus products in Android market are very few; some apps called anti-virus more or less have extra features of anti-malware and Internet security.

The following is a list of anti-virus for Android.

AVG TechnologiesAVG AntiVirus FreeCzech Republic
ESETESET Mobile Security & AntivirusSlovakia
QihooQihoo 360 AntiVirusChina