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Two Hackers Have Found How to Break into Hotel-Room Locks
When you read a story talking about security vulnerability that may risk millions of hotel rooms, never think it's just a story. Your and your family's privacy may leak from these rooms if only you have chance to stop hotels. A ridiculous case was as early as 2003, 15 years ago, an guy in a a hacking conference in Berlin found his laptop was stolen and there was no evidence of force entry. Yes, his room's keycard-operated lock got hacked. As a matter of fact, hacker are much stronger than that age, no hotel room is safe now...
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Texas Gunman Locked iPhone Renews Encryption Debate
When you heard FBI failed to unlock the cellphone of the Texas gunman, what do you think? Yahoo once leaked almost everyone's data to hackers, but Apple is fighting to protect privacy of murders like this shooter. Are they really so different? This sad story is reigniting the debate over encryption and government access to secured communications. It's just a blooding commerce chance for some companies and far away the nature: we must punish criminals either online or by gun...
Trend Micro Is Fighting Locky Ransomware Variants
Locky ransomware isn't new, but recent weeks an alert is urgent: one variant of this ransomware is coming under one of the largest malware campaigns in the second half of 2017: 23 million spam emails. According to Trend Micro, the ransomware is not likely to be on the scale of 'Wannacrypt' and 'Petya' that relied on Microsoft vulnerability in Windows XP. Only if you deal with the spam email in right way: delete it...
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AT&T Hacked, Customer Data Exposed In Effort To Unlock Used Cellphones
Security breaches that expose sensitive customer data are becoming uncomfortably common these days. The newest firm to fess up to falling prey to a hacker attack is AT&T, which has begun sending letters out to customers letting them know about a breach that occurred between April 9 and April 21 of this year. According to a report in Dallas News,...
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Tips to block computer hackers
A friend used to say, after another losing day at the horse races – “that’s the way it goes, first your money, then your clothes.” Well, I have good news for you. Your clothes are safe from hackers. Your money? Not so much. When I was first involved with computers most hackers were smart kids who enjoyed seeing whether they could break into...
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What To Do If Your iPhone Is Hacked And Remotely Locked
This week, in the hours before daylight, a hacker sent an unsettling alert to iPhone users in Australia. The husband of a Sydney council member received the message at 4 a.m.; a graphic designer was awakened at 2 a.m. Their phones had been hacked and locked by "Oleg Pliss" and were being held for ransom, unless the users sent money to a PayPal...
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Hackers Mount Denial-of-Service Attack With Computer Clock Tool
Hackers used a weakness in the Internet system that sets the time on computers' clocks in order to overload a victim's servers with traffic, in what is reportedly the largest-ever such cyberattack. The common hacking method is called a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, in which Web services receive so much traffic that they either slow...