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 Zoom Support - Tech support from startup to shutdown
Königsallee 106, 40215 Düsseldorf, Germany

Our goal is to change the computer optimization services by taking time
and space out of the equation. No matter where in the world you live and
when you want to contact us, we can bring a certified PC or Mac technician to you
in seconds by using a secure remote connection.

Our certified technicians can quickly connect to any computer, diagnose any problems that it
may be experiencing and take the necessary steps to optimize its performance. Our
comprehensive system repair takes only a few hours, and customer satisfaction is

Speed Up Your Computer There's enough problems, from a large amount of junk files to outdated software, which can start your head spinning.Your expert will find the reason of your computer’s sluggishness and work to restore its original zoom.

Overcome Slow Start-Ups & Shut-Downs Few things can be more irritating than a computer that’s slow to start up. This is often because of too many programs that are launched at startup.We’ll help you understand what each program does, so you can best decide which programs you can disable.

Remove Viruses & Spyware Some viruses will cripple your computer, while others want to steal your information without your knowledge. Whatever the case, we will not only remove the viruses, but also configure your security settings and show you how to stay safe.

Remove Software Errors & Pop-Ups When it comes to getting to the bottom of vague or technical computer errors and popups, nothing can replace a real human expert. Let us clearly explain what went wrong and how you can keep each error at bay.

Service Your Accessories Our experts can service any device that is attached to your computer. So rather than trying to update your printer’s drivers or connect to your scanner wirelessly on your own, let us take care of it.

Service iOS and Android Devices Pretty much anything that beeps, buzzes, and connects to the Internet, can be serviced remotely. Let our experts adjust your mobile settings according to your needs. Only Apple iOS services are currently available.Android coming soon!

Custom Tech Answers What makes ZoomSupport stand out is our recognition that every project is unique and personal. We will not only diagnose your computer for determining the best ways to proceed, but also incorporate your own requests and comments


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