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 Computer Troubleshooters - The IT Department for Small Business
7100 East Pleasant Valley Road, Suite 300 Independence, OH 44131
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contact from website

Computer Troubleshooters is a leading provider of technology service solutions with unmatched customer service for both the business and residential client. Please contact your local offices or visit one of the pages listed below for more information on how our local experts can help you get the most out of your technology. For general questions and inquiries please submit the form below.

Business Services: We provide a full suite of innovative services and cutting edge solutions that are customized to meet the specific needs of each client and to keep them ahead of their competition.

Residential Services: Home technology needs are becoming more complex, and our technology experts are able to provide solutions that keep all of your devices connected and running at peak performance.

Here are a few of our most popular residential services

Troubleshooting & Repair: We will diagnose the problem and recommend the necessary solutions with explanations that are non-technical terms and make sense. You are kept informed and approve all charges before the repair and given confidence that your repair is guaranteed.

Data Backup & Recovery: Don’t ever worry about priceless family photos or your personal documents again. We will make sure they are safe and secure with solutions designed for you and your budget.

Security Services: In today’s world it is critical that you understand the security of your technology must be a top priority. We offer solutions that make sure your computer and home network are protected and that you are educated on how to keep your family safe.

Remote Support Services: Too busy to bring your computer to us? No problem! We can easily and securely access your computer remotely to remove pop-ups, check error messages, offer training, diagnose issues and even complete repairs.

Managed Services: Not just for businesses anymore! Our technology experts can put together a customized, proactive suite of solutions to make sure your home technology is always secure, your data is safe and your systems are running smoothly


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