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Founded in 2009, provides instant Remote PC Repair to business and consumer’s throughout the nation. Along with our strong online presence, we have formed strategic partnerships with some of the industry leaders in Search Engine Optimization, Social Networking, Web Site Devlopment, and local business directory programs. Our goal is to be your single solution provider.Since the launch, has been featured on NBC, Chicago Radio, and Comcast Cable, supporting several thousand individuals and businesses daily. Now with two offices, California and Illionois, we can provide onsite, ondemand support, when you need it most., recognized by the BBB, is one of the U.S.’s leading computer help, computer support, & technology consulting services for Windows-based PCs and Macintosh computers. By using a one-time secure connection to your computer, trained IT support who are based in the U.S., can connect securely to resolve common PC support issues.

We repair and maintain anything to do with a computer, network, electronics or technology. Anything from fixing a mouse to total IT Support, computer maintenance, repairs, software installations, and remote support. We always offer a flexible approach to our customers letting them decide when to call for support. Trustworthy, personal customer service that is not outsourced overseas!

There are several reasons for the slowdown of your PC. These include virus or other malware infections, lack of hard disk space, and even running too many software applications simultaneously. To prevent such problems, you can perform several PC repair tasks for improving the performance of your PC.

These tasks include:
  • Using the Disk Cleanup Utility
  • Using the Disk Defragmentation Utility
  • Cleaning the Registry of your PC
  • Uninstalling Malwares and Spyware Applications
  • Managing Startup Applications
  • Application and Hardware Upgrade

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