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 Windows Computer And Laptop Repairs
713 931 1550

Are you having computer problems?
Don't worry, I am an expert at computer related problems.
I can usually fix or repair your windows pc issues in one or two days tops.
I have been working with windows based software and hardware for well over 10 years.
I am very good in the field of removing any and all viruses, trojans, adware, spyware,
popups, browser hijackers, and fake scanner programs.
I can also diagnose and repair or replace hardware problems, and know how to deal with blue screens problems,
windows error messages, operating system crashes or just general glitchyness and performance issues.
I also re install window operating systems or repair corrupt windows system files when possible.

Do you need that windows password removed?
I can remove it on windows vista, xp and windows 7.
I have reasonable rate.

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