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Bronx, N.Y.

ValComputers is based in The Bronx, N.Y. and was created to offer reasonably priced Computer Service / Repair and Website Design to NYC, Lower Westchester, Southern Connecticut and Northern NJ

Thus, We offer Website Design, Internet Radio / Video services, Computer Consulting, Tech Support and Repair services both Online ( outside of NYC ) and House visits if you are in our service area.

If you are in need of help don't hesitate to call or email ... We come to YOU !!! no need to disconnect your PC or take it out of your home or office ...

Are you tired of your computer not working properly ... getting virus alerts or random crashes ... need a reliable computer tech to come to your home of business and fix your PC or Laptop ?

I guarantee my work and I have many home and business references that I can and will provide you if you would like them ... I do not overcharge but I do charge the fair market VALUE for the repairs I do to fix your PC or Laptop ...

If you are looking for an Experienced - Dependable - Knowledgable computer tech then email me or call ( 917 ) 582-2423 and ask for Chad

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