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San Diego, CA: I'm your computer guy! Tuneups, Upgrades, Virus Removal

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 I'm your computer guy! Tuneups, Upgrades, Virus Removal
Carmel Valley

Need tech help? I'm your guy! I can setup new hardware, tuneup old stuff, upgrade PCs, teach you how to use that new gadget.

I'm a professional who used to own his own PC repair shop, so if you're looking for great support you've got it! Hey, I'm patient, knowledgable, sociable (i.e. not an awkward geek) and dress well. Am I selling myself yet? Are you starting to see me stand out from the crowd of "IT experts"?

I'm very experienced in:

-hard drive upgrades
-data recovery
-memory upgrades
-Google Apps
-Windows OS Tuneups

Leave me a voicemail, text or reply and we'll talk together and come up with a quote we both love!

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