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Security software (Apps) for VPN Service: Hotspot Shield offers you stream, download, and game with the "world's fastest VPN." Enjoy your favorite movies and shows worldwide on Netflix, YouTube, Prime, Disney+, and more at blazing-fast speeds, up to 2.2x faster than the competition. It protects you with military-grade encryption, and access sites and streaming content around the world.

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 Hotspot Shield
1 Basic Information
Aura Producer
Trusted by millions of customers, Aura is a technology company dedicated to simplifying digital security for consumers. Innovative personal identity protection and security products such as Identity Guard and Hotspot Shield VPN, privacy products FigLeaf and PrivacyMate, and technology services including Intrusta antivirus are part of the Aura family.
Key Targets: VPN Service
Other Targets: PasswordAntivirusPrivacy Security
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Device List: WindowsMaciOSAndroidChromeBookLinux
2 Price Plans
Plan NameMoneyDurationOthers
Free1 devices
Premium$8Month5 devices, 1 account
Premium Family$12Month25 devices, 5 accounts
3 Main Features Toggle Explanation
FeatureFreePremiumPremium FamilyDeviceNote
Secure VPNFull listUp to 2 Mbps,500 MB daily
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) protects and encrypts online privacy when you use a public or shared Wi-Fi network.
Secure VPNFull listup to 1 Gbps,unlimited traffic
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) protects and encrypts online privacy when you use a public or shared Wi-Fi network.
Streaming accessFull list
Optimized for Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, and more.
Virtual locationsFull list
Over 115 locations, including 80+ countries and 35+ cities.
Realtime anti-phishingFull list
Warn and block websites, emails, and other communications designed like from reputable businesses can steal login credentials or implant malware on your device.
Password managerWindows Mac iOS Android Chromeby 1Password
It allows users to store, generate, and manage personal passwords for devices and online services; it also assists in generating and retrieving complex passwords, storing and sharing safely.
Monitor privacy breachWindows Mac iOS Android Chrome
It means to scan online black markets, including the Dark Web, and to alert when your email, password, or other personal info is at risk.
AntivirusWindows Mac
Security technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, monitors online threats across the globe to help protect your devices against viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware.
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