RoboForm Password Manager

Security software (Apps) for Password: RoboForm password manager securely stores your passwords on your computer and automatically logs you into online accounts. It is also an intelligent form filler that can save you time while browsing the Web.

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 RoboForm Password Manager
1 Basic Information
Siber Systems, Inc. Producer
Siber Systems is a privately held company headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia. Our flagship products, RoboForm and GoodSync, are used by millions worldwide. Our customers range from individual users and small businesses to government agencies and leading Fortune 500 companies.
Key Targets: Password
Other Targets: File Security
Vendor Page: Download or Buy  
Device List: WindowsMaciOSAndroidChromeBook
2 Price Plans
Plan NameMoneyDurationOthers
Family$4Month5 licenses
3 Main Features Toggle Explanation
FeatureFree PremiumFamilyDeviceNote
Secure password vaultFull list
It's encrypted storage to safely keep all your passwords, just like a secure digital vault. In addition to passwords, it usually vaults logins, credit cards, and other critical information for seamless and secure access.
Autofill passwordFull list
Autofill passwords or other account data simplifies login and account creation tasks online services. You can create and save new passwords or log in to an existing account with just a few taps.
Secure NoteFull list
It's a handy feature to keep your secret digitally. Unlike an ordinary notebook, you need an extra password to access it. Besides, the notes are held with high strength encryption algorithm to block hackers.
Share PasswordFull list
Don't use usual messaging methods like email to share passwords or essential data; they are often unencrypted and easily intercepted. Choose the right tool to share passwords or other critical data.
Multiple factor authenticationFull list
Setting up multiple-factor authentication is to add an extra layer of security. For example, one more step to complete the sign-in means that knowing a password won't be enough to break into your account.
Encrypted file storageFull list(1G)
offer encrypted file storage to keep your important data if the original copy is damaged or hijacked.
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