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 Dashlane Password Manager
1 Basic Information
Dashlane Inc. Producer
Dashlane will simplify your life online. It puts all your passwords, payments, and personal info in one place that only you control. So you can use them instantly. Securely. Exactly when you need them.
Key Targets: Password
Other Targets: Privacy Security
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Device List: WindowsMaciOSAndroid
2 Price Plans
Plan NameMoneyDurationOthers
Free50 passwords and 1 device
Family$5Month5 licenses
Team$5Monthper User
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Secure password vaultFull list
It's encrypted storage to safely keep all your passwords, just like a secure digital vault. In addition to passwords, it usually vaults logins, credit cards, and other critical information for seamless and secure access.
Auto fill passwordFull list
Auto-fill passwords or even other account data, it simplifies login and account creation tasks online services. With just a few taps, you can create and save new passwords or log in to an existing account.
Share PasswordFull list
Don't use normal messaging methods, such as email, to share passwords or important data, which are often unencrypted and can be easily intercepted. Choose the right tool to share passwords or other key data safely.
Security alertFull list
You can count on Dashlane for alerts about breaches and hacks that affect your data and learn how to take action.
Secure NoteFull list
It's a handy feature to keep your secret in a digital way. Unlike a common notebook, you need an extra password to access it. Besides, the notes are kept with high strength encryption algorithm to block hackers.
Digital walletFull list
Finance accounts are the main targets of cybercriminals. More or less we have to transact online. The tool offers you an option to save finance accounts into a digital wallet, which is extra protection from malware attacks.
Multiple factor authenticationFull list
Set up multiple-factor authentication is to add an extra layer of security. For example, one more step to complete the sign-in means that knowing a password won't be enough to break into your account.
Monitor privacy breachFull list
Scans online black markets, including the Dark Web, and alerts when your email, password, or other personal info is at risk.
Wi-Fi VPNFull list
Make any Wi-Fi connection private and secure. Protects your identity and data from hackers.
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