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Security software (Apps) for File Security: Cryptomator is a simple tool for digital self-defense. It allows you to protect your cloud data by yourself and independently. With Cryptomator, the key to your data is in your hands. Cryptomator encrypts your data quickly and easily.

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 Cryptomator Encrypt
1 Basic Information
Skymatic Inc. Producer
We develop encryption and IT security solutions and find answers to questions on how to design digitalization to the benefit of companies and society. We are known for developing Cryptomator, our open-source cloud encryption software, which won the CeBIT Innovation Award.
Key Targets: File SecurityData Backup
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Device List: WindowsMaciOSAndroidLinux
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Freeopen source project
3 Main Features Toggle Explanation
Encrypted file storageFull list
offer encrypted file storage to keep your important data if the original copy is damaged or hijacked.
Backup to cloudFull list
Backup to the cloud is one preventive measure to help keep your files safe if you drop devices, hard drive fails, or ransomware could encrypt your files.
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