2020 Monitoring for Apple Mac

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ContentBarrier X9
ContentBarrier X9 is a handy tool for parents to care about kids' activities on the Internet. You wouldn’t let them ride bikes on a freeway, would you? While the web shows information at kids’ fingertips, it also puts them just one click away from...
$39.99 (Per Year)    Download  Seller  Detail
Kidlogger for MAC
Kidlogger for MAC is a free app to help you know any danger of your kids when they surf on the Internet. In fact, the tool is designed to monitor all Internet usage from your Mac, and log all visited web sites. It works with main browsers, like Internet...
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Little Snitch 4 - Network Monitor
Network Monitor is your eye to catch the network connections of your Mac. Either the attacks from hackers or your privacy leaking, the Internet connection is the main channel to pass information. The tool views your Mac's network activity from three...
$45 (Single User)    Download  Seller  Detail
Net Nanny for Mac
Net Nanny for Mac is a parental controls to Apple macOS operating systems, giving you complete control over kids' online experience. Its parental control software for Mac lets you filter the Internet and block pornography before it's viewed. It can also...
$40 (Per Year)    Download  Seller  Detail
WebWatcher for Mac
WebWatcher for Mac records related network activities sends data to your web-based account allowing you to monitor kids on the Mac. It has other apps for Windows, iOS, Android, and ChromeBook, which can send the monitoring data to the same account. So,...
$10 (Per Month)    Download  Seller  Detail