2020 Internet Security for Apple Mac

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Kaspersky Total Security
Kaspersky Total Security is a powerful antivirus solution which includes everything to detect malware. In addition, it's an all-in-one product from phishing detection, spam filtering, firewall and even parental control. While its antivirus is impressive,...
$50 (Per Year - 5 Devices)    Download  Seller  Detail
MacKeeper - Internet Security
MacKeeper app delivers multilayered protections that block malware, remove online threats, and recognize identity theft. It also helps for Mac performance optimization. So MacKeeper is an all-in-one solution that specializes in protecting Apple computers...
$120 (Per Year)    Download  Seller  Detail
Sophos Home
Sophos Home is an all-in-one solution to protect Mac and PC in your home. The free version offers full Real-Time antivirus plus some web security features, like parents monitoring and remote management. Free version is limited to 3 devices. If you need...
FREE    Download  Seller  Detail
Norton 360 Standard- Mac
Norton 360 Standard offers multiple layers of protection for your Mac and online privacy, it integrates main Norton's security solutions in a single package.

The core of Norton 360 Standard is antivirus and remove spyware. It provides real-time protection against existing and emerging malware including ransomware as well.

In addition, it applies cutting-edge...
$35 (Per Year)    Download  Seller  Detail
ESET Cyber Security Pro
ESET Cyber Security Pro integrates very well with Mac computer and the user interface is simple and streamlined. It also offers versions for Windows and Android devices. The tool is an all-in-one security product, based on the award-winning ESET detection...
$50 (Per Year)    Download  Seller  Detail
McAfee Total Protection
McAfee Total Protection is a full solution for individual and family information security. It includes the premium antivirus, identity and privacy protection, password manager, Internet monitoring, and encrypted storage, and data shredder. Its family...
$50 (Per Year - Family)    Download  Seller  Detail