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 Norton Ad Blocker
By: Symantec   Seller  Download from App Store  
OS: iOS 9.0 or later
Version: Dec 20, 2018Size: 13.7 MB
Say goodbye to ads on your phone. Online ads are always a distraction — especially when you’re browsing on your phone. Norton Ad Blocker, from the makers of award-winning Norton Security, helps you:

- Block ads and online trackers when you the surf the Web
- Get content faster
- Banish bandwidth-hogging ads
- Eliminate distracting ad clutter
- Extend your mobile device’s battery life
- Keep your privacy: Your browsing history is never shared with Norton
- Support your favorite sites using ad-blocking exceptions
Name: Blank(184.65.9.*)2013-12-01
oh, the version is too old. it's site should have new version.
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