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 Pumpic Control Panel
By: Pumpic   Seller  Download  
OS: iOS 8.4 or later
Price: $$7.49/Month
Version: 1.9Dec 10, 2016Size: 15.3 MB
Pumpic Control Panel Mobile App is a supplementary tool for the standard web-based Control Panel of Pumpic iPhone monitoring software. It allows you to view the most important target cell phone monitoring information anytime from your iOS device. After you install Pumpic Control Panel app, you can easily check call logs and text messages, online activities and location of the target device on the go!


Monitor Call Logs & History
Check Text Messages (SMS, Messages) & History
Track Location and Routes
View Browsing History
Check Contacts
Lock or Reboot Device Remotely

• Reboot App Remotely*

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