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 Protect Files for Mac
By: Apimac   Seller  Download  
OS: Mac OS X
Price: $$20
Version: Dec 20, 2016
Encrypting files and folders has never been easier. Protect Files makes it easy to protect your files, folders and documents with secure encryption and password technology; designed to provide a quick solution that guides users step-by-step in creating and managing encrypted spaces.

By default, Protect Files creates 128-bit AES Encrypted Spaces. However for even stronger encryption, the user may optionally specify 256-bit AES encryption in the applications preferences. Protect Files leverage Mac OS X technology to create disk images with AES encryption, which is one of the most secure encryption methods and widely adopted by many governments. See Security section of Advanced Encryption Standard at Wikipedia to learn more.

You can learn more about our solutions for data protection by visiting the Data protection on Mac page, we created it to help you choose the right app.

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