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 Norton Family Premier
By: Symantec Corporation   Seller  Download  
OS: Windows 10/8/7
Price: $50.00/Year
Version: Jan 5, 2019
There's a wide range of behavior in what we call parental control and monitoring programs. Some install in stealth mode, basically spying on your kids, which is kind of creepy. Symantec Norton Family Premier encourages parents to engage with the kids and let them know what the house rules are. This excellent service works on Windows.

Know at a glance when and where your kids spend time online.
Gain valuable insights that lead to open, informed conversations.

Use simple settings to make the Web safe for kids to explore.
Help teach balance and healthy habits without taking away kids’ freedom.

Easily protect kids’ private information and online reputations.

Easily protect all your kids’ devices with a single solution.


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