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 Intego Virus Barrier
By: Intego   Seller  Download  
OS: iOS 8
Version: Jan 1, 2017
On-demand Scanning for Your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Your iOS device can act as a gateway for malware and viruses. Infected attachments can transfer to your computer, or your friends, family and colleagues.

Based on the same award-winning detection rate that Intego is known for, this easy-to-use app detects and eradicates viruses and malware before they can harm your devices and files. VirusBarrier iOS lets you scan both attachments and cloud drives (like Dropbox), so you can open your files with confidence knowing they’ve been scanned for viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other known Mac OS X and Windows malware.

We've made the functionality simple and intuitive so anyone can quickly and easily scan external files without running into any frustrating or clunky delays.

You can scan the following:

External files within your apps

Files attached to emails

Files accessed from remote locations like Dropbox, WebDAV, and FTP shares

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