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 PRIVARY Vault: Hide Photos, Files & Videos
By: fourchars   Seller  Download  
OS: Android 5.0 and higher
Price: $1.00 and up
Version: 2.4.9Feb 2, 2019
Privary is the powerful encrypted private vault for any files, photos and videos.

Hide all personal stuff like pdf, mp3, pictures, videos, excel or any other files. Make them truly invisible and protect yourself against cybercrime.

Uploaded files to your Privary vault will be invisible to others and protected by your private password or fingerprint - powered by military grade AES CTR encryption.

The Privary encrypted AES vault is a photo locker, gallery, filemanager and file locker with true AES CTR 256-bit encryption
Banks use the same encryption to store customer data securely.

- Easy-to-use password, pin pad or fingerprint access
- Easily hide and encrypt unlimited files, photos and videos in the most secure Privary private filemanager
- Smooth and fast usability
- Privary is not visible on your recently used apps list
- Create unlimited folders and subfolders

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