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 Avira Mobile Security
By: Avira Holding   Seller  Download from App Store  
OS: iOS 10.0 or later
Version: Feb 22, 2019Size: 70.3 MB
Give yourself and your beloved iPhone a fighting chance:
- Anti-theft tools (phone locator + trigger siren)
- Protection from phishing websites
- Identity Safeguard (alerts you if your email was leaked)
- Smart reporting tools

Check whether your email has been hacked:

Between 5-10% of all emails are compromised. The all-new Identity Safeguard lets you check whether your email has been breached.

Locate your missing or stolen device:

Avira Mobile Security helps reunite you with your missing iPhone by pinpointing its location on a map, triggering a loud yell and calling it from the Avira Dashboard. Up to 5 devices can be tracked this way.

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