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 Search Result for Personal Data in All Fields - Find 11 Stories
100 Million Capital One Credit Card Data Are Leaked
How muh personal data can stop a hacker's digging? A hacker stole more than 100 million Capital One customers' data. Paige Thompson is accused of breaking into a Capital One server and getting 1 million Canadian Social Insurance numbers, one third of the total canada people, and 80,000 bank account numbers, in addition to people's names, addresses, credit scores, credit limits. It is just disclosed by related banks and the US Department of Justice, is the latest and one of the largest data leakage cases.
By Rob McLean  View Source  
Formjacking Is the New Favorite Hack of Cyber Crooks
In some cases, your personal data is leaked not from your side. Every month, 4,800 websites around retail websites are targeted by cyber criminals, who snatch credit/debit card information with a hacking technique called formjacking, one of the newest favorite ways for hackers to steal personal data. Now small and medium-sized businesses are still the biggest targets of formjacking, but British Airways and Ticketmaster have also fallen victim to attacks. It possibly hurts confidences of online business...
By ALYSSA NEWCOMB  View Source  
China Facial Recognition Database Leak Sparks Fears
The new data leaking is about 2.5 million people's personal data, including facial recognition database; it's causing huge worry in common Chinese people, who used to not wear mask or similar cover in public. But if the AI companies, which run security software systems for face recognition, crowd analysis, and personal verification, just like SenseNets, expose our privacy data easily, do we need makeup somehow to protect our faces?...
By Kate O'Flaherty  View Source  
How Facebook Harvests Personal Data from Popular Apps
Facebook has been covertly collecting deeply personal information from a number of popular apps without your knowing. At 11 or more Apps have been sending personal data to Facebook. For example, Realtor, a real estate app, is linked with the collection as a Wall Street Journal investigation found. Other highly sensitive data are like users' weight, height, blood pressure, and even pregnancy status...
By ANNIE PALMER  View Source  
US State Department Reveals Data Breach Employee Information Exposed
Trump once said he wrote important things on papers. He seems distrust modern information technology to protect privacy. The new accident in the US State Department, which has confirmed a data breach through its email system, lets the president win again. The latest new revealed that a compromised email system leaked, and 1% employees' personally identifiable information(PII) have been exposed. Because, these are sort of personal data, the security notice was marked "Sensitive but Unclassified." The hacker may want to get more ...
By Charlie Osborne  View Source  
Using Facebook Quizzes Get Personal Data
Your personal data may be stolen from some channels you fully trust. Facebook is the new one in that risk list. The report said Facebook's random online quizzes online, where one can share the result afterwards, is raising the warning. These seemingly plain questionnaires could actually be used to infiltrate your personal data...
By KHRISTIAN IBARROLA  View Source  View Cache  
Apple engineers note that hackers are the real danger to our security
There's been a lot of talk recently about the U.S. government's position concerning mobile security, encryption, and the sanctity of personal data. This came about when Apple refused to help the FBI unlock the San Bernardino suspect's iPhone 5c on ethical grounds. Since, the FBI called in so-called “pro hackers” to do the job; the iPhone has been...
By Joe White  View Source  
How to protect your personal data from the next hack attack like eBay
Ebay suffering the biggest hack of all time led to the exposure of lots of personal data including postal addresses, dates of birth and phone numbers for millions of people around the world. While the company insists no financial information was stolen, private personal data still holds a lot of value. But what options do users have when a site...
By Samuel Gibbs  View Source  
Student Expelled for Hacking After Investigating Security Hole
A college student in Canada has been expelled after he investigated a security vulnerability in a computer system that could have exposed the personal data of more than 250,000 students. Last November, Dawson College in Montreal expelled computer science student Hamed Al-Khabaz after he exposed a weakness in Omnivox, a system provided by Skytech...
By Kim Zetter  View Source  
Laptop containing personal data of students stolen
Sarah Colborne-Penney is anxious that her two children may be among the 28,000 whose personal information went missing when four school board laptops were stolen recently. Police are investigating after an employee with the Eastern School District noticed the laptops missing Sunday from an administrative office in downtown St. John’s. One of the...
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Three hard drives stolen from RAF
The personal data of serving and former staff of the Royal Air Force (RAF) has been stolen, according to the Ministry of Defence (MoD). The computer hard drives were stored at the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency at RAF Innsworth in Gloucestershire. Two of the drives contained sensitive personal data, while the third drive did not contain...
By Janae Olinger  View Source