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 By Chris Ghania
The Key Features of Anti Malware for Windows
In the view of computer security, malware isn't identical as virus. When we say a program is a computer virus, means we think it has an abnormal behavior: copy itself from one place to another silently. Malware, this word is short for malicious software, doesn’t focus on how it is copied or distributed. Instead, it is a program that runs on your computer but out of your control. In general, malware has a wide range to include, such as spyware, adware, worms, Trojan horse. Virus is also a type of malware.

After getting the definition of malware, you may answer the questions like why I need anti-malware or how I deal with malware easily.

If you are business or enterprise user, usually you have to consider anti-virus and anti-malware together. In fact, most of business level anti-virus products cover full features to anti malware. So only if you choose a proper anti-virus product for your business, the whole information security should be under same umbrella. You don’t need extra anti-malware effort.

As for home user, the decision is a little bit tough. All home version anti-virus products can also clean spyware, adware, or other types of malware more or less. But the protection isn’t as strong as business version. Why home anti-virus won't handle all types of malware? The answer is there. New spyware and adware are release every day. To trace and clean all malware, the anti-malware products have to update so frequently that usability or even performance will be traded off. This is the reason that home anti-virus products usually aren’t strong to deal with all types of malware.

In market we sometimes can see anti-malware products for home users. However, for common users usability is always a huge challenge to run complex software efficiently. So choosing a stronger anti-virus product probably is a better solution for most of home users. Of course, there is special requirement for malware; we believe lots of options, like home level anti-malware or business level security products, are available.

The following is a list to focus on anti-malware.

CommtouchCommand Anti-MalwareUSA
EmsisoftEmsisoft Anti-MalwareNew Zealand
LavasoftAd-Aware Free Antivirus AntiSpywareMalta